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Migrare Mutare ~ Migrate Mutate


Rossy Lima offers us a migration and migrant metaphysics, a river of personal and collective speakers, a labyrinth of voices, a woman serpent, of skulls and coyotes, an ongoing conjure of voices and lives of limbs and multi-tracks of birth-death, of borders and borderlessness. This is a prism of outside-inside, in-between, an always shifting set of reassessments — re-castings, memory and forecast — the elixir and poison of migrant exile without exile. Notice the urgent notes in this collection — perhaps in the timbres of a border mermaid, a skinned figure, almost formless, Cortazar’s axolotl, a half-amphibian, half human, a migrant existence, always in rapid, unknowable, transparent, brutal change. A magnificent set of poems, in a most appropriate time. Lima is a lyrical warrior crossing. Juan Felipe Herrera Poet Laureate of the United States (2015-2017)

Lima’s poetry is a force of life, movement and transformation. In her often dreamlike vision of the world, Migrare Mutare strikes at the heart of what it means to be a migrant in another land on the other side of geographical and cultural borders. Cellini captures the melancholy hope in this collection with his expert translations, wonderfully transmitting the poet’s often otherworldly rhythms. A powerful collection, Migrare Mutare is an anthem for all of those who have ever left, found themselves, and then lost themselves again in another place, another existence. Jack Little Editor, The Ofi Press


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