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New York City based Hispanic publishing house.

About Us

Artepoética Press Inc. is a New York City based Hispanic publishing house. We specialize in works and themes related to Iberia and the Americas. Our two imprints, Artepoética Press and Escribana Books, publish creative writing (novels, short stories & poetry) and academic works (Cultural and Literary Studies) respectively.

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Experience the rich tapestry of Iberian and American literature come to life with our audiobooks. From compelling novels and captivating short stories to the enchanting world of poetry, immerse yourself in the diverse literary landscape we offer. Some of our audiobooks are even narrated by the authors themselves, adding a personal touch to the storytelling. Explore the essence of our culture and heritage through the spoken word, brought to you by Artepoética Press Inc., a New York City-based Hispanic publishing house with a passion for storytelling