Alex Lima is the author of three poetry collections, Inverano (2008), Bilocaciones (2011) and Alba (2015). His poems have also appeared in literary magazines and anthologies home and abroad. He currently resides in Long Island where he works as Adjunct Instructor of Spanish at Suffolk County Community College (SUNY). Mr. Lima is an active member of the art collective We Are You Project International and co-founder of the Latino Arts Council of Long Island. He received his Ph.D. from the City University of New York (The Graduate Center) with a dissertation on the Jesuit poet Juan Bautista Aguirre (1725-1786).

Alex Lima nació en Guayaquil, Ecuador y reside en Long Island (Nueva York) donde es profesor de español en Suffolk County Community College (SUNY). Ha publicado otros dos poemarios, Inverano (2008) y Bilocaciones (2011), así como un sinnúmero de poemas en revistas y antologías dentro y fuera de los Estados Unidos. Es miembro   del colectivo We Are You Project y cofundador de Latino Arts Council of Long Island. Se doctoró por la City University of New York (The Graduate Center) con una disertación sobre Juan Bautista Aguirre (1725-1786).


This bilingual (Spanish/English) poetry collection by Ecuadorian-American poet Alex Lima brings together love poems of sorrow written to his lost child.

Este libro bilingüe (español/inglés) del poeta ecuatoriano – americano Alex Lima reúne poemas de amor escritos a su hija fallecida.


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